Christopher G. Micetich

President & Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Micetich founded Fedora in 2012 after in-licensing a family of beta-lactamase inhibitors. Under Mr. Micetich’s leadership, these beta-lactamase inhibitors underwent optimization and preclinical development, after which they were licensed to Roche in January 2015 in a deal worth up to $750 million.

Earlier, Mr. Micetich was the chief operating officer at SynPhar Laboratories Inc., a joint venture with Taiho Pharmaceuticals Inc. dedicated to early drug discovery in the area of infectious diseases. At SynPhar, he was responsible for all aspects of administration including business development, international affairs, and strategic planning, playing an instrumental role in building the operation to 65 full-time permanent employees. In 1998, Mr. Micetich founded an independent contract chemistry company called DrisCorp Inc. that performed early stage lead optimization, process development and custom synthesis.


In 1999, Mr. Micetich co-orchestrated an acquisition of all assets of SynPhar from their majority Japanese partner, Taiho, which were merged into NAEJA Pharmaceutical Inc., a newly created, privately controlled company. In October of that year, he merged DrisCorp into NAEJA, a contract research organization with a specialty in infectious diseases.


In addition to his career in specialty pharmaceuticals, Mr. Micetich founded Windjammer Java Roasters Inc., a specialty coffee roasting company and Brass Dome Ventures Ltd., a management and business consultancy.


Mr. Micetich graduated from the University of Alberta in 1986.


Sameeh M. Salama, Ph.D.

Vice President, Business Development


Dr. Sameeh M. Salama is the vice president of business development at Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc. He currently also holds the title of vice president of business development at Brass Dome Ventures Ltd., a management and business consultancy.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Salama was vice president of the contract-research organization, NAEJA Pharmaceuticals Inc. In this role, he was actively involved in over a dozen licensing and partnership agreements, including the licensing of NAEJA’s Beta-lactamase inhibitors to Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc. and later the licensing of the same assets to F. Hoffman La Roche in a record-setting US$750 million license deal.


Dr. Salama’s tenure at NAEJA involved securing dozens of contract research agreements, strategic planning, and establishing a wide network of contacts within the industry worldwide. Prior to joining NAEJA, Dr. Salama was a director of microbiology at SynPhar laboratories Inc.


Dr. Salama received his Ph.D. in medical microbiology in 1990 from the University of Salford, U.K. and spent four years as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Diane E. Taylor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and is a co-inventor in several patents.

Gary Roth, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer


During his career, Mr. Roth served as controller for privately owned Canadian corporations in the energy, transportation, and real estate industries. In these positions, he managed the firms’ financial reporting and budgetary planning, supervised accounting and administrative personnel, and partnered with executive, commercial and marketing teams to support product and business goals. Mr. Roth earned a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation and a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting from the University of Alberta. He is a member of The Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (CPA Alberta).

Samarendra N. Maiti, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scientist

Dr. Maiti obtained his Ph.D. from the Kalyani University, West Bengal, India in 1980. He has over 35 years of experience in medicinal & synthetic chemistry and has collaborated with large pharmaceutical companies in important therapeutic areas such as, antimicrobials, cardiovascular, CNS, and metabolic disorders.


He has written chapters in two books, written five reviews, and has 15 patents and 60 publications. During the 35 years of his research career Dr. Maiti was involved in three antimicrobial projects that successfully produced three clinical candidates, one of which is already in the market, and two that are in development.

Renata Jankowska, Ph.D.

Scientific Project Manager

Dr. Jankowska joined Fedora Pharmaceutical Inc. in September 2016 assuming the position of Scientific Project Manager.  In this role she oversees the chemistry progress for an ongoing anti-bacterial project. 


Dr. Jankowska has over 20 years of practical experience in synthetic organic chemistry.  Prior to joining Fedora Pharmaceutical Inc., she was a member of NAEJA Pharmaceutical Inc., a contract-research organization for 15 years. As a Senior Principal Scientist, Dr. Jankowska was involved in various pre-clinical drug discovery projects covering several therapeutic areas (antimicrobial, cardiovascular, CNS and Pain Control research).  She functioned as a Project Team Leader and Scientific Coordinator for the collaborative projects which were focused on hit generation, lead identification, and lead optimization.  In addition to hands-on lab work, she was responsible for coordinating and overseeing the day-to-day activities of teams of chemists, preparing scientific reports, and facilitating communication and document exchange between the CRO team and the clients.


Dr. Jankowska received her Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Alberta in 1998.  Later, she carried out post-doctoral research under the guidance of Professor John Vederas at the University of Alberta.

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